Property Law in McMinnville, Oregon

Our experienced team of attorneys handle landlord tenant cases in the following subject areas and other similar matters.
  • Residential & Commercial Property Law
  • Security Deposits & Abandoned Property
  • Eviction Notices & Collection Actions
  • Eviction Hearings & Trials
  • Rental Agreements & Leases

Tenant Rights

Many tenants involved in housing disputes feel helpless and lack the knowledge to enforce their rights. Our firm seeks to empower tenants by helping them understand their rights, regarding repairs, maintenance, safety concerns, unlawful evictions, retaliation, security deposit refunds and others.

Representation for Landlords

We have experience representing landlords in eviction proceedings and other legal actions with tenants. We also provide legal counsel on lease agreements, evictions and other administrative concerns. Whatever the issue, we work quickly and efficiently to protect your rights and property investment.
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Landlord Tenant Law

Oregon's Landlord Tenant Law is found primarily in ORS 90 which you can find here or here. ORS 90 is known as The "Oregon Residential Landlord Tenant Act" or (ORLTA). This act covers things such as eviction, disposal of tenant's personal property, security deposits, rental and lease agreements, habitability issues, unauthorized entry into the dwelling by the landlord, notices required prior to certain events, lockouts, self-help evictions, retaliation, discrimination, etc.
The Landlord Tenant Act, unfortunately, is somewhat complicated in that various provisions and definitions must be read together to get a full understanding of what the act requires in a given situation. One of the most common difficulties inexperienced landlords run into is failing to give the proper notices prior to eviction. This gives the tenant a defense to the eviction and may require you to start the eviction all over as well as paying the tenant's attorney fees incurred in fighting the defective eviction. This area of the law is somewhat tricky and therefore rather than restating the statutory provisions here we suggest that you to retain our services to help you avoid any missteps in conducting evictions. If you are a tenant we may be able to help you avoid or delay eviction as well.
Once you know what the law requires there are three arenas in which you can assert your rights. These include (1) direct negotiation between the parties, (2) small claims court, and (3) county circuit court. Landlord tenant actions are generally brought in the county where the property is located. Click on the following for links to Yamhill County Court if you are a resident of McMinnville and surrounding areas.
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